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Simphotek -company- Light Interactions Matter

06 '15 Simphotek releases SimphoSOFT® 3.2 Update 5  —  Excitation Map

Excitation map feature has been added as a new input and output of the SimphoSOFT® simulation. Excitation map represents the excitation of the sample material immediately after the pulse passes through the sample interior. This feature is essential when working with laser cavities and setups with repetitive irradiation. Excitation map is characterized by:
  • can be used as initial condition for the next arriving beam,
  • arbitrary time period between two consecutive beams,
  • pump and seed can have different profiles,
  • can be stored to file system,
  • single and multi-beam are supported.

02 '15 SimphoSOFT® is integrated with LightTrans VirtualLab™

Simphotek (USA) is partnering with LightTrans (Germany) to offering a new set of tools which can significantly improve accuracy in simulation of passive and active devices, including but not limited to amplifiers, lasers, ring resonators, multi-photon microscopes, super-resolution microscopes. You can learn more about integration of Simphotek SimphoSOFT® modules into LightTrans VirtualLab™ optical modeling and design software here.
Meet our representative (Gene) at booth #4601-49 in the German Pavilion to explore in depth this new product and claim a DISCOUNT on SimphoSOFT software if it is purchased during exhibition.

09 '14 Simphotek awarded NIH/NCI SBIR Phase I

Simphotek, in collaboration with University of Pennsylvania Radiation Oncology Department and Tech-X Corporation, has been awarded NIH SBIR Phase I contract to develop new experimental and computational numerical methods for administering and guiding PDT treatment.

06 '14 Simphotek releases SimphoSOFT® 3.2   Suite+

Starting this version, SimphoSOFT® supports defining the following different types of radial profiles for the incident electro-magnetic field.

New type of snapshot has also been added to the existing set of graphical output: EMF transverse plot which shows 2D color plots of the electro-magnetic field magnitude. New projects templates have been added to model and analyze Tm-doped amplification, to model emission spectrum of Alexa fluorescent probes, STED microscopy.

02 '14 Simphotek exhibits at Photonics West 2014
Simphotek introduces its new product MPA Info+ Finder. With its unique search engine, Info+ provides a fast way to find multi-photon absorbing (MPA) materials with optimal parameters. For the first time, an information resource contains actual values of photo-physical properties and energy level diagrams in addition to chemical properties, emission and absorption spectra, and experimental conditions. Meet our representative at booth #105 in South Hall, on February 4 through February 6, 2014, to explore Info+ Finder in depth and claim a DISCOUNT if the software is purchased during Expo.

11 '13 Simphotek releases MPA Info+ 1.0  —  MPA Material Database

Imagine a task of finding an MPA material with the largest known absorption coefficient absorbing light within a desired wavelength range. It can take hours, if not days, to find such a material, and possibly extra days to verify the search.

Simphotek's MPA Info+ is the world's first, comprehensive, searchable database containing detailed photo-physical properties of over 1,000 multi-photon absorber molecules. Its main purpose is to help experimentalists, photo-physics or photo-chemist researchers, and medical investigators to quickly and easily find optimal MPA materials with desired photo-physical characteristics, cross-referenced to the recent publications.

02 '13 Simphotek exhibits at Photonics West 2013 in San Francisco, CA

09 '13 Laser Focus World publication: Simulating active photonic materials with SimphoSOFT® becomes easy
We published an LFW article describing the current state in modeling software for rapidly growing market of photoactivated materials and showing how SimphoSOFT® – the first commercially available modeling software in this market segment–can address the needs of researchers and technicians. Our main goal is to reduce time and money spent for developing new photonics materials of this type and optimizing the existing ones. This article will be helpful not only for readers who want to learn technicalities of Simphotek modeling software but also for those who are not familiar with Simphotek technology and want to quickly grasp the benefits of using our state-of-the-art modeling software SimphoSOFT®.

07 '12 Wave Front Co., Ltd. distributes SimphoSOFT exclusively in Japan 

Simphotek signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Wave Front Co., Ltd. For sales and customer support, customers in Japan may contact Wave Front staff in Yokohama, phone +81-45-682-7070 or e-mail Japan

07 '12 Simphotek releases SimphoSOFT® 2.1  —  Z-Scan

SimphoSOFT® has been extended with Z-scan add-on which is capable of simulating open aperture Z-scan experiment. In this experiment, a sample is displaced in z-direction away from the light source for a predefined set of locations and the resulting transmission values are captured for each such location.
Starting this version, SimphoSOFT supports absorption line shape functions for any absorption and stimulated emission transition module within Core-ET-Zscan platform. This feature is ideal for simulating light interaction with materials which are resonant to a light within a non-trivial spectral range. The following shapes for the absorption spectra are available
  • custom spectral table,
  • Lorentzian shape, and
  • Gaussian shape

05 '12 LUEN Soft Inc. becomes a SimphoSOFT exclusive distributor in South Korea 

To provide an extensive and prompt full support for our customers in South Korea, Simphotek entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with LUEN Soft Inc. Customers in South Korea may contact Seungho Yoo at LUEN Soft in Seoul, phone +82-2-6485-6711 or e-mail, to obtain more information and to request a quote for the latest version of our Photonics simulation software SimphoSOFT. South Korea

04 '12 Simphotek releases SimphoSOFT® 2.0  —  Multi-Beam

01 '12 Simphotek exhibits at Photonics West 2012 in San Francisco, CA

09 '11 Simphotek exhibits at FiO/LS in San Jose, CA

04 '11 Simphotek exhibits at SPIE Defense and CLEO

02 '11 Simphotek receives private investment

01 '11 Simphotek launches SimphoSOFT® at Photonics West in San Francisco, CA

11 '09 Simphotek receives Edison Innovation R&D Fund Award

07 '09 Simphotek acquired exclusive license on commercialization of NYU technology

06 '09 Dr. Mary Potasek of Simphotek to Present Invited Talk at AFRL SAIC Workshop 2009

01 '09 Dr. Mary Potasek of Simphotek to Present Invited Talk at Photonics West 2009

08 '08 Simphotek awarded STTR Phase II contract

06 '08 Simphotek receives an Incubator Seed Fund Grant from the NJCST

10 '06 Sycamoreridge Innovations LLC (acquired by Simphotek Inc in 12/08) awarded research and development contract