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Simphotek's Mission

Develop leading-edge products in light-based cancer therapy that have at least doubled the life expectancy for lung cancer patients, compared to the standard of care, while effectively replacing radiation therapy for locally advanced head and neck cancers.

Simphotek | Medical Devices

Simphotek has collaborative SBIR grants on developing treatment planning and dosimetry devices for light-based cancer treatments, awarded by the National Cancer Institute (NCI), in conjunction with the University of Pennsylvania Medical School (Penn) and Roswell Park Cancer Center (RPCC).

Recent PDT Phase 1 and 2 clinical trials on late-stage (node negative) cancer patients with a typical average survival of one year have shown unprecedented survival rates of over seven years after administering lung-sparing surgery and PDT. Simphotek is developing an entire platform technology, as a first in class, which support such achievements to expand cancer survival rates for various cancers.

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Simphotek | Photonics Software

SimphoSOFT ® is the company’s patented simulation software that enables accurate modeling of photonic interactions in photo-activated materials and devices. Researchers, engineers and product managers use our technology to analyze and understand the complex interaction of light with photo-activated materials and to design and optimize novel promising materials via computer simulation avoiding expensive and time-consuming fabrication and laboratory testing.

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